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Freight Policy

University of Toronto Press Distribution offers a freight policy whereby publishers may offer ‘free’ freight to customers in Canada on their titles.

To satisfy client publisher requests to offer ‘free’ freight to their customers, and to retain the benefits of a consolidated invoice and shipment, UTP has developed a hybrid freight option that combines free and non-free freight titles on the same invoice.

On minimum shipments of $300 net of discounts, those titles of publishers offering free freight are identified on the invoice and the proportionate cost of freight by weight is deducted from the total freight cost. To make it easier for customers to meet the $300 threshold, the shipment can include both free freight and non-free freight titles from different publishers. The freight cost savings are indicated on the invoice.

The minimum threshold is on the shipment – the invoice value – not the original order, which may have back ordered items. A customer can ask to raise their shipment minimum on our system to $300 to ensure they capitalize on the free freight opportunities.

Click here for a list of participating publishers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information, contact Tom Skudra, Customer Service Manager.